The Blue Poppy story

Hi! I'm Cyndi Hardie, the maker behind The Blue Poppy.

For as long as I can remember, I have created. I get that from God, of course, but also from my Momma. I lost her at a very young age but I always remember her making something. She could sew, crochet, and paint just about anything. I remember these black velvet wall hangings she painted tigers on with paint that was in a tube. My favorite was an entire gingerbread village she made. Every piece was made by her hands. It sat on top of my piano, which she also played. 

I have always loved learning new crafts. I have painted just about everything, made bath bombs, soap, wood signs, cornhole boards, repurposed jewelry, crochet, cross stitch and probably a few I don't even remember, all leading up to my love for polymer clay. After having surgery on both of my eyes, I started playing with clay again and realized how much I had missed it. I gifted and sold to a few friends for awhile. I also did markets anywhere I could find them. Then a friend of mine took a chance on The Blue Poppy and let me put a display in her boutique, Juniper Lane. WOW!!!! That literally changed everything!

People always ask me about the name The Blue Poppy, so here is that story. I had been tossing around ideas for awhile. I wanted something catchy and fun to say, but nothing was fitting quite right. Then it happened. I can see it like it was yesterday. I was standing in my tiny apartment kitchen when God simply whispered, "The Blue Poppy". I knew it was God because that was completely opposite of anything that I had been thinking of. So then I asked myself, 'is there even such a thing as a blue poppy?' So I consulted the experts, Google, and yes, there is such a thing as a blue poppy and you won't believe what it represents. Faith in a higher spiritual power, potential, possibilities, prosperity and wealth. Thank you God, I think I'll take that!!

Y'all have shown so much support, given amazing words of encouragement and repeatedly supported this little business that I have worked so hard for and love so BIG. Being out and seeing so many of you wearing Blue Poppy earrings just fills my heart with so much love and appreciation. Your support has literally been life changing. Thank you! 

YOU make us look beautiful!!!